What is Tickadeals

TickADeals is a unique opportunity for you and businesses alike. You have free access to hundreds of local businesses all willing to do a deal in return for your custom. Can't find the deal you're after? Why not haggle in "Don't ask, Don't get"? We don't charge businesses commission on the deals, so that they can give you their best price.
Better still TickADeals is the first online interactive business directory where you can talk to a business and they can respond. They will not have access to your details until you Tick the Deal. Your inbox will not be bombarded with unwanted emails: you have complete control over what deals and alerts you receive.
Need a plumber, electrician, roofer? TickARequest allows you to contact local tradesmen and businesses to request a quote, ask questions and select the best deal with a tick. Job done!
TickADeals is you looking at the world, not the world looking at you.
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Your business will have 1 years free membership. After that there is only one fee for annual membership costing you less than a Yell.com ad.
You can post deals daily or weekly. Even when you have no deals customers can see your details including web links and request a deal in "Don't ask, Don't get".
TickARequest will get you more enquiries and allow you to show why you are better than the rest.
Don't forget you too can take advantage of the great deals offered on TickADeals.

Talk to other TickADeals registered businesses in "Don't ask, Don't get" to offer your services or get a deal for your business.

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All Main points of TICKADEALS

1   1st Interactive Business Directory.

2   All BUSINESS can post Daily or Weekly DEALS.

3   The PUBLIC can choose hundreds of local DEALS.

4   The PUBLIC can interact with all Businesses.

5   The PUBLIC and BUSINESS pay no commission to TICKADEALS.

6   The PUBLIC only ever register there details once.

7   TICKADEALS is you looking at the world not the world looking at you.


This allows any registered business to create a printable voucher FREE for all users of tickadeals.
Let tickadeals promote your deals through our easy to use voucher system FREE to all businesses