What is tickatrade

Tickatrade is a local trade directory with a difference, tickatrade is for all /one man bands/small trade businesses/small start ups/in fact any person who has a skill that the public would pay you for your services.

Register your profile in tickadeals.com complete your details about you and your services in the tickatrade page. you will have a free 12 months trial period/ if you have found tickatrade is working for you.we will invoice you for 25 + vat for your next years registration.

How tickatrade works

The customer searches for the trade required, example they want a plumber. they can view the details of all the listed plumbers if they wish. the customer can then tick the box of the plumber or plumbers they wish to contact (max six selections) the customer types a brief message in the message box and sends message. the selected plumbers will receive that message in there email, the plumber can respond to that message by log in to tickadeals.com the service that can respond quickly and wants the job sends answer back to the customer. if you are accepted you will receive the details of your customer for you to make arrangements to do the required work. if you are not chosen you will receive a message that you were unsuccessful this time.

So unlike other directories you can see that we at tickadeals are working to make it easier for you to show off your services and be very cost effective too. As always there is no commission payed to tickadeals(the contract is always you and the customer).